The DDX / DHX Naming Code

General Rule: DEAD-box proteins are named DDX, all other proteins should be named DHX (1)

Human Yeast Remarks Family
DDX1 n/e (2) DEAD-box
DDX2A Tif1p eIF4A-I DEAD-box
DDX2B Tif2p eIF4A-II DEAD-box
DDX3X Ded1p / Dbp1p DEAD-box
DDX3Y Ded1p / Dbp1p DEAD-box
DDX4 n/e Vasa DEAD-box
DDX5 Dbp2p p68 DEAD-box
DDX6 Dhh1p Rck/p54 DEAD-box
DHX8 Prp22p DEAH / RHA
DHX9 n/e RNA helicase A (3) DEAH / RHA
DDX10 Dbp4 DEAD-box
DHX11 no DExH/D protein
DHX12 no DExH/D protein
DHX13 Ski2p SkiV2 Ski2-like DExH
DHX15 Prp43p DEAH / RHA
DHX16 Prp2p DEAH / RHA
DDX17 n/e p72 DEAD-box
DDX18 Has1p DEAD-box
DDX19 Dbp5p DEAD-box
DDX20 n/e Gemin3 DEAD-box
DDX21 n/e RH-Gu-α DEAD-box
DDX23 Prp28p DEAD-box
DDX24 Mak5p DEAD-box
DDX25 Dbp5p DEAD-box
DDX27 Drs1p DEAD-box
DDX28 n/e DEAD-box
DDX31 Dbp7p DEAD-box
DHX32 Dhr2p DEAH / RHA
DHX33 n/e DEAH / RHA
DHX34 n/e DEAH / RHA
DHX35 n/e DEAH / RHA
DHX36 n/e DEAH / RHA
DHX37 Dhr1p DEAH / RHA
DHX38 Prp16p DEAH / RHA
DDX39 Sub2p DEAD-box
DHX40 n/e DEAH / RHA
DDX41 n/e abstrakt DEAD-box
DDX42 n/e SF3b125 DEAD-box
DDX43 n/e HAGE DEAD-box
DDX46 Prp5p DEAD-box
DDX47 Rrp3p DEAD-box
DDX48 Fal1p DEAD-box
DDX49 Dbp8p DEAD-box
DDX50 n/e RH-Gu-β DEAD-box
DDX51 Dbp6p DEAD-box
DDX52 Rok1p DEAD-box
DDX53 n/e CAGE DEAD-box
DDX54 Dbp10p DEAD-box
DDX55 Sbp4p DEAD-box
DDX56 Dbp9p DEAD-box
DHX57 n/e DEAH / RHA
DHX58 n/e RIG-I (4) RIG-like DExH
DDX59 n/e DEAD-box
DHX60 n/e Ski2-like DExH
  • (1) Proteins that should be named DHX are occasionally named DDX. For example see (3), (4).
  • (2) n/e - protein does not exist in S.cerevisiae.
  • (3) DHX9 (RNA helicase A) is often named DDX9.
  • (4) DHX58 (RIG-I) is often named DDX58.